Road to the Unknown

Here the sorrow has been known
And the Evil has been seen before
Our arrows join the wars
We leave with no remorse
Upon this land no Shadow lays
A magic corner of the elder days
Far from peril – a Realm
Falls into decay of time…

On the towering trees
Glimmers morning mist
Standing on the shores
On way to the unknown…

All we stand – This day came pale
The warden is of no avail
All we stand – So far behind
The sunlit skies – No hope inside!
All we stand – Without stain
Rivers long defend from pain
All we stand – On magic land
Full of grief – We are leaving now!

When the shadows fade away
The mountains remain grey
Howling wolves around the wood
Tear the battlefield on earth…

Visions of some waking dreams
Remain refuge of our sins
Dark blue ships cross the sea
Thru unknown mists…
The leaves there fall as shiny tears
This land remembers golden years
We are leaving now these cloudy shores
Back to the unknown!