Within The Silence

Can you hear the silence?
Can you break the walls?
They will always tell you
That you will fail!
In a ride with the demons!
I scream to the sea!
In search for the reasons
Never ever seen…

And night after night
Tower by the tower
I watch to the South
A sentinel of power
And star after star
Hour after hour
I watch to the North
Where the world is born…
Within the Silence!

See the horizon
Nightfall over board
New flag has there arisen
Over spares and swords…
Down the armada
Shooting the bastion
Four towers are guarding
Our living world…
Reign of Power!

The slaughter is over
Cease fire by command
Their siege is broken
In silence we can wait…
While defending fortress
We fight for our land
Four towers are guarding
Our living world…