War Behest

The Army of the Perfect Warriors

Made of steel and darkness the swords in their hands are as harps of death. The thunder of their arms is like a storm. Everyone who has ever heard it knows that this is like the symphony of the Apocalypse. Their perfect battle skills turn them to surgeons and painters of the fights. Their leader is covered in silver mist and shrouded in mystery. No living man has ever seen him to fight. A few warriors have seen him amongst mountains of fallen enemies after battles. He possesses the magic of the fight.

Devoted to aggression they live to shed blood. Attack is their only tactics. Nothing could stop them!

The Army of the Craftsmen

They forge weapons for ages. Every sword is a masterpiece. Their will for great deeds leads them. When necessary their faith for victory is unbreakable. Every warrior is good in his own field. Their leader is in golden armour. He displays his army strategically in battle. His belief in the common will has mystic forms. Under his leadership the warriors appear as if from the ground. They are silent. Every stroke with the weapon is full of respect.

Devoted to construction they are feeding with their own will. The offensive is their only tactics. Together they can stand up as a wall. Nothing could stop them!

The Battle

The fate sets the Army of the Perfect against the Army of the Craftsmen. These are two irresistible forces: the perfect killing machines against the perfect weapons. Thirst for destruction against the Will to contemplate...

The longest day in the universe has come. Hurricane of the orchestra of Death breaks the air but as if the enemy is irresistible. The swords bend under the height of the bones. Blood drowns the battle. The mist of the silver general falls over the Army of the Craftsmen. The bright sun of the golden knight grows dim.

The Army of the Perfect is initiated to the battle. Its faith is the most important thing for these warriors. They vindicate it to the end. Their feeling of supremacy and excellence will never die. Even Death could not stop them!

A wall of craftsmen is like pieces of a wound. The anguish is burning in their breasts. The blood of their general – golden knight turns his armour to rust… Alone amidst the few survivors the silver knight is unable to kill his warriors and to save them from the pain. The Perfect remain only a memory. The hurricane turns to morning mist. A few warriors saw the new day. They refuse to accept defeat and it seems that everything is a dead lock.

The Army of the Craftsmen in union calls the silver general to become their leader. A new age forecasts brilliant future and never-ending power. Faith in success is a common feature again…

Initiated to victory their fate leads them to new glory. Success is their only fortune. New perfection is their common goal. Nothing could stop them!